Susan Clark
Glass Blowing Bench

Custom design and fabrication for private client in Alaska
Steel, galvanized sheet metal, pine, and leather

50BC the first blowpipe was invented. 1607 the settlers of the Jamestown colony in
Virginia brought glassblowing to America. Over history very little has been done to
evolve the design of glassblowing tools and equipment. Glass blowers have been
using the exact same tools and equipment in America since its first introduction by
the English in Virginia. This bench is a custom design I created for a specific client
in Fairbanks, AK. Upon first arriving to the studio and working on the bench which
my client had been using for years I knew immediately the bench was the first thing
to change. After working in the glass industry myself for several years, I understand
the wear and tear ill-considered equipment takes on your body. A bench, being too
high, can cause massive tendinitis in one's knee from getting up and down from the
bench, along with tendinitis in the wrists and shoulders from being seated too high
and too close to the railing. With the proper measurements based on physical comfort
and better leverage ability the quantity of glass one can use increases along with
one's ability to work comfortably and more efficiently. One little inch in the wrong
direction can create massive injuries in a blower over years and years of wear on the
body. I custom fabricated this bench to fit the physical needs of my client, insuring the
longevity of her ability to work.
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